Monday, 17 February 2014

KIKO Haul ♥

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As you can tell by the title it's haul time! So I may have done a bit of sneaky online shopping recently from 'KIKO' so what better way to show you what I picked up other than a haul? With that being said lets jump into it.

Water Eyeshadow - 200 Champagne

The first product I picked up from KIKO was one of their 'Water Eyeshadows' in the colour 'Champagne'. What really drew me to these was not only their superb colour change and intense shades but also how beautifully presented in the pan they are, almost looking 3D. Another great thing about these eyeshadows is that they can be used both wet or dry and still have extraordinary pigmentation both ways. 

 Dazzling Highlighter - Moonlight Gold

The next item I chose was their 'Dazzling Highlighter' in the shade 'Moonlight Gold'. I'm not to sure if they still carry this product as I can no longer find it on their website, but what this basically is, is a cream stick highlighter and can be used on the cheek bones, nose, eyelids and anywhere you would like to highlight. I decided to give it a try as I absolutely love my powder highlighters so thought I'd give a cream based one a go. 

Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15 - 811 Raspberry

I decided to try out two of their 'Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15' lipsticks. These lipsticks are a wet-look, extremely shiny lipstick, that not only provide intensely creamy colour but also work well in conditioning the lips. It's the best of both worlds really and the first colour I picked was in 'Raspberry'. Now as you all know I am a huge fan of berry, plum shades and this is the perfect transitional shade going into spring. 

Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15 - 815 Rhododendron Pink

The second shade I picked was in 'Rhododendron Pink' a more suitable medium - deep pink for the spring and summer months. 

Smart Lipstick - 914 Amaranth 

This next product is probably my absolute favourite item I chose and this is KIKO's 'Smart Lipstick' in 'Amaranth' when I saw this colour I immediately knew I just had to have it. It's so deep, vibrant and vampy and would make a great dupe for 'MAC's Rebel'. 

Creamy Lipgloss - 107 Magenta 

It would be me if I didn't purchase one or two lip crayons now would it? The first one I chose is in the shade 'Magenta' this colour is more of a deep purple pink and looks beautiful when on the lips and swatched. Although these lip crayons are sheer they can be built up to great a gorgeous glossy lip colour. 

Creamy Lipgloss - 106 Carmine Red

The last product I purchased was another 'Creamy Lipgloss' in the shade 'Carmine Red'. Now I have been wearing these pinky reds none stop so I had to try out KIKO's version and I love the colour, its so creamy, buildable and hydrating on the lips! 

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  1. I don't know much about Kiko so I found this post really interesting :) the eyeshadow is stunning! xx

    1. Thank you so much, I discovered Kiko a while back now and am in love with their products. I know right, the eyeshadow is phenomenal, just an inventive design and the pigmentation is great too! Thank you for reading & commenting xoxo