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Monthly Favourites April 2014 ♥

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Oh yes, you guessed it! In today's post I will be sharing with you all the things I've been loving for the Month of April. Gosh hasn't this month gone quick? It was only four posts ago I uploaded my 'Monthly Favourites March 2014'. I've really enjoyed the month of April as I've been trying and testing out quite a few new products and really enjoying the results! With that being said here are my favourites for April 2014.


Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer

The first love of mine this month would definitely have to be this primer by Bourjois. Guys, I think I have found my one true love in the primer world! I love how this comes in a cute little pink pot and the texture is so luxurious and as it does not contain silicones I knew this was the one for me. This primer glides on so smoothly and effortlessly and creates a flawless canvas for your makeup, I love how airbrushed this primer makes my complexion.   

Collection 2000 Blush - Trouble

Another makeup item I've really been enjoying this month is the 'Collection 2000 Blush' in 'Trouble'. Now having been a fan of their other blush in 'Bashful' I thought to give 'Trouble' a shot, and I love how this blush adds a radiant effect to the cheeks. This combines a blush and highlight in one so you can skip highlighter as this blush provides that beautiful sheen as well as incredible pigmentation to the cheeks. 

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow - Walking On Eggshells 

This next product I just can't get enough of. I started using this around Easter time and have continued using it since. I absolutely love the three colours and think they are the perfect everyday shimmery neutrals that will really compliment any eye colour.  

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder 

After rediscovering this hid away in my makeup collection I decided to dig it out around Easter as I thought it to be the perfect bronzer to use this spring. I love how this looks, it doesn't make your complexion muddy or orange it just adds the perfect bronzed glow to the cheeks. 

Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer 

At first I started using this primer again just to finish it up, but after using it on a regular basis this month I've really fallen back in love with it. For such an inexpensive price and high performance you just can't go wrong. I find this primer helps to keep my eyeshadow from creasing, looking vibrant and staying put. It's definitely worth a try. 

Barry M Bronzer Brush

I have been loving this brush by Barry M this month. Although it states its a bronzer brush I have been using it as a powder brush to set my foundation in place. I wouldn't class this as my 'holy grail' powder brush, but for the price I do think its definitely worth a try. I've always been one to try different techniques when apply any sort of makeup and have been going in between different brushes and sponges to set my foundation in place for many years and currently I have been enjoying using this one!

Foundation Sponge 

This next item is basically a dupe for the 'Beauty Blender'. I have had this sponge tucked away in its little package for many months now and at the start of April I decided to get it out and give it a whirl and I have been loving it! I love the flawless finish this sponge gives to my complexion. It's so quick and applies liquid foundation effortlessly, helping products to blend into the skin seamlessly. 


Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Breeze Shower Gel

After being a huge fan of their 'Coconut Lime Breeze Body Lotion', I just knew I had to try their shower gel in the same scent and I have been loving it! Now unfortunately I have not been able to use my own picture as I have used the shower gel all up this month because it's just so good! This highly scented, nourishing shower gel is a real treat which creates a superb luxurious lather and is so thick and creamy a real pamper every time you shower.

Primark Hand Sanitisers 

Now being a huge fan of personal hygiene (haha) I just knew I had to these at the checkout of Primark! These are just so handy and smell gorgeous perfect to just throw in your handbag or keep on your desk as a quick freshen up and germ killer for your hands! You can never be caught short with these beauties!

So there you have it! All the things I have been loving for the month of April. I hope this helped you guys see the products I've been using and what I've been lusting over in the last month. I hope you all had a fantastic April and a great Easter and I hope this following month brings you even more happiness.

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