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My Top 10 Uses of Coconut Oil ♥

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In today's post I will be discussing with you some of my favourite uses for coconut oil. I discovered coconut oil a long time ago and found that it works as a outstanding component for all sorts of beauty needs. From your skin to hair this one pot of glory can work wonders for a range of different things! 

A little bit about coconut oil...

Coconut oil is extracted from the core of a matured coconut. It has various uses including for food, beauty and medicine. 

My Top 10 Uses of Coconut Oil

1. Deep Conditioner
One of my most loved ways to use coconut oil is as a deep conditioning treatment for the hair. This can be used as a leave-in hair conditioner by applying a reasonable amount to the ends of your hair, running your fingers through to distribute the product evenly and left on for a few minutes. For a deeper treatment it can be used as an overnight mask, done by applying the coconut oil onto a dry scalp and working it throughout the hair follicles. 

2. Shaving Cream
Another fantastic use for coconut oil is as a shaving cream and/or an aftershave. For a shaving cream simply wet the area you'd like to remove the hair and apply a generous amount before shaving. This will help keep the skin moisturised whilst in the process of hair removal, revealing a smooth finish. Coconut oil can also be used after shaving as a moisturiser as it will help the heal your skin after hair removal without clogging the pores. This also works wonders for razor burn.

3. Makeup Remover 
Coconut oil is a great way to remove your make up, especially that stubborn eye make up. Simply take a cotton pad and a fair amount of coconut oil and gently swipe across your face in upward and outward motions. 

4. Lip Treatment
This use is pretty straight forward, and can be used as an overnight treatment for the lips. Rub a little oil into the lips and leave to sink in. This oil will work wonderfully in penetrated the lips to reveal a smother, softer pout. Provided protection and relief for those dry, chapped lips!

5. Hand & Body Cream
Coconut oil is superb in softening and moisturising the skin. This can be used to relieve dry hands as well as a daily moisturiser. 

6. Cuticle Oil 
 This oil works great for softening and pushing back those rough cuticles. As well as working wonders for those cuticles it also works well in nourishing the nails. Helping to whiten the tips and aid the growth and strength of them.

7. Exfoliator 
Coconut oil mixed with sugar is a very effective exfoliator as it works well in removing dead skin cells as well as providing intense nourishment and is safe to be used over the entire body. Can also be used before shaving as it works well in opening the pores, creating a more efficient and clean shave. 

8. Oily Skin Fix 
You may think this contradicts itself but actually this works wonders for those prone to oily skin or an oily T-zone. By using a small amount underneath your makeup or on its own this will help reduce the appearance of oil on the face as it tricks the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil, thus slowing down the regulation of oil production.

9. Tattoo Healing
Coconut oil is great to use in aiding the healing process of new tattoos, as it will potentially speed up the healing process and minimise the chance of infection. It will also help in keeping the pigment from fading.

10. Stretch Mark Cream
Coconut oil is superb in treating and nourishing damaged skin. It won't completely cure stretch marks but it will help in improving the appearance of them. 

I hope this helped to give you an insight into some of my favourite ways to use coconut oil. I love how versatile this one product is and works for range of different skin, hair and medical needs.

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  1. I adore the smell of coconut.. so why don't I use coconut oil?!?!?! I certainly will now! Thanks for such a detailed post!
    Rachel @ rachelsaysfabulous xxx

    1. No problem! I hope this helped! Coconut oil will work wonders girl! Haha xxx