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Elf Haul 2 ♥

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Yes I am back with another haul for you guys. Today I will be sharing with you yet another haul of the things I purchased from Elf. Now being a huge fan of 'eyeslipsface' it’s very hard for me to just come away with one or two things. So in the end I result in buying quite a few bits which allow me to do a haul for you guys! So let’s jump in!

Elf Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick – Flirty & Girly

The first product I picked up was Elf’s version of the ‘Lip Crayon’. Now being a huge fan of these and Elf I just knew I had to try one of their own. Out of all the colours this was my preferred shade, as it’s more of a deep pink rather than a light ‘girly’ pink so to speak. Although when first applied this colour is quite sheer, it can be built up to create a more intense sheen.

Elf Lip Lock Pen

As you guys know I am a huge fan of the ‘Elf Lip Lock Pen’ so I won’t go into too much detail about this as it was just a repurchase but I couldn't not include this in my haul.

Elf Lipstick – Gypsy

As I was casually browsing through the lip products from Elf, I stumbled upon their ‘Essential Lipsticks’ after looking at the colours I decided this was the one for me because yes, surprise, surprise it’s a berry shade, in other words it’s a ‘Lori’ shade. So I knew I had to get it.

Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer – Clear

Like the ‘Elf Lip Lock pen’ this was just another repurchase. I thought I’d include this in my haul as it’s quite a decent primer for the price. It doesn't help to minimise pores that well, but it ensures the lasting power of your makeup, so for days when I'm only wearing makeup for a few hours I will usually reach for this primer.

Elf Mineral Lipstick – Rich Raspberry

Like the ‘Elf Essential Lipstick’ I thought I give their classic mineral lipsticks a whirl. I have to say the colour is not what I expected as it’s more of a neutral warm brown/berry shade, rather than an intense, rich raspberry shade as the name would suggest. Don’t be fooled as the colour in the tube looks different to when swatched or applied to the lips. I don’t dislike this colour I just feel it’s more of a natural, everyday shade, rather than ones I’d go for which have a bit more depth and intensity to them. But I like to change it up every now and then.

Elf Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint – Berry

Next is one of the lip tints. In the past I had purchased one of these in the shade ‘Natural’ as I wanted to see if I liked the formula and consistency first over the colour and because I liked it I decided to go for a colour more suited to me, ‘Berry’. I do love these lip tints, although they can settle into the lines on your lips they are still worth it as they provide a hint of colour whilst moisturising your pout!

Elf Moisturising Lipstick - Ravishing Rose

Oh yes, it’s only another lipstick! But these however are new from elf as they are the ‘moisturising’ lipsticks. I picked this first shade as its more of a toned down, muted berry pink colour, suitable for everyday wear or for when I don’t feel like wearing a bold lip.

Elf Moisturising Lipstick – Rosy Go Round

I also picked up ‘Rosy Go Round’ from elf’s new lipstick line. This would have to be my favourite out of the two as it’s a more vibrant colour. I’d describe this shade as a bright pink. This pink I'd say can be suitable for everyday wear  as it seems to be more muted than some bright pinks I've come across.

Elf Professional Shine Eraser

The last item I purchased was these blotting sheets from elf. After searching for some decent blotting paper/sheets for quite some time, I saw that elf had their own version back in stock and I jumped at the chance to give them a try. So far I have loved them!

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