Monday, 10 March 2014

Spring Has Sprung: Spring Fashion 2014 ♥

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So it's officially Springtime here in the UK and what better way to kick start this spectacular season with some of my top picks for 'Spring Fashion 2014'. In today's post I will be letting you guys in on a few of my favourite trends for Spring. So with that being said lets get started!

Fresh Florals 

One of my favourite trends for Spring would definitely have to be Florals. I love how versatile this trend is and how it can be both dressed up with a pretty dress, clutch and nude heels or dressed down with some floral print shorts, plain white crop top and canvas trainers. 

Pretty Pastels 

Another trend I absolutely adore for Springtime is Pastels. The range of muted shades bring a touch of soft brightness to any outfit and can be worn with one another, for example a pastel pink top with mint green bottoms. Pastels can be changed around so much to create a different outfit idea every time. 

Classic Coral 

The next trend is a classic and that classic is coral. This trend has been a popular one for a few years now and it will never get old. This beautiful colour can be worn through an item of clothing or an accessory to add a spring in your step this season. 

Wonderfully White

Another fresh fashion trend this season would have to be White. This pure, delicate colour will bring light to any outfit and can be worn in conjunction with another suitable trend for spring time too!

So there you have it a few of my favourite fashion trends and must haves for Spring. I hope you enjoyed this post and now have some inspiration into creating your spring outfit ideas.

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