Monday, 4 November 2013

Olay Essentials Refreshing Face Wash First Impressions ♥

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Today I will be sharing with you my first impressions on a new face wash I recently purchased from Olay. Now having tried a wide variety of different cleansers from deep cleaning ones to not so good ones I thought it was about time my skin deserved a little relax and a gentle yet effective cleanse. 


My first impressions of the packaging I'd say are that I am fond of the packaging. I love the colour scheme of the blues and pinks with the black and white text. It's not to overwhelming and just by looking at the packaging it already looks refreshing and cool as they have interoperated water onto the front. 


I have been using this cleaner for about four days now and I can say I have been enjoying it so far. The consistency of this face wash is in the form of a gel and I feel it works really well without being harsh or intrusive on the skin and it does not dry out the skin either. I don't feel any burning when I am washing my face but when I have dried my face I can see and feel a difference in my complexion. First of all it has gotten rid of any excess oil, dirt and make up that may have remained on my face, also my skin appears a lot clearer and the redness has calmed down. Also when my face it dry I don't feel any tightness.   


I love the scent of this facial cleanser, it smells delicious a real refreshing scent that I adore. I love that the scent is detectable but not so much that it interferes with how the product performs. 

I am really enjoying this cleanser, and if it continues to perform as well as it has been as does not cause me any distress I will repurchase this. 

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