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Veil Cover Cream Review ♥

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In today's blog post I will be reviewing the 'Veil Cover Cream' by 'Thomas Blake'. If any of you are unfamiliar with 'Veil Cosmetic Camouflage', they are the best camouflage makeup on the market and is effective in hiding the discolouration of birthmarks, Vitiligo (white patches), Rosacea (redness), acne scars, burn scars, broken or varicose veins. dark circles under the eyes, temporary bruising after surgery, age spots and unwanted tattoos.  

 Before I start I'd just like to explain to you all a bit about 'Veil Cover Cream'. It was first created by Mr Thomas Blake and is used to cover a huge range of skin blemishes quickly, easily and safely. Veil is used comprehensively in hospital dermatology, camouflage clinics, beauty salons and at home. 

I received the 'Veil Cover Cream Light/ Medium Sample Kit' which comes with a small leaflet, a sample of the translucent finishing powder and 21 light - medium shades. These include:

- White 
- Wheat
- Natural-light 
- Vanilla
- Cream
- Beige
- Oyster
- Medium
- Honey
- Natural
- Natural-medium
- Biscuit
- Natural Tan
- Peach
- Tan
- Dark
- Suntan
- No.3
- Almond
- Suede
- Latte

Having used products very similar to this, I was really intrigued by how well this product would perform and if it would cover more efficiently and evenly than the other brands I have used in the past. Now having tried and tested this brand I can honestly say I really do love the amount of coverage that can come out of such a small amount. This makeup has covered my imperfections and blemishes perfectly, creating a flawless makeup base. What I love about 'Veil Cover Cream' is that in can be used as an everyday foundation as well as a concealer and works really well with other products too. 

Performance: I love how well the 'Veil Cover Cream' has performed on my skin. It glides on so effortlessly and sinks smoothly into the skin. It's easily blendable and can be built up for further coverage. 

Coverage: The coverage of this cream is phenomenal! It covers tremendously well revealing a smooth, seamless complexion without clogging the pores. 

Lasting Power: The lasting power of the cover cream is brilliant. It lasts all day and stays put! It doesn't slide off the face and does not transfer onto clothing either. 

Texture: When first applied the texture is smooth and creamy, not greasy and not too thick either. It does not immediately set of the face, making it easier to work with. When dry it appears natural and looks almost skin like.  

Feel on the skin: I would say the feel on the skin is light, but you know you have makeup on. It's not heavy on the skin, weighing it down at all. But you can feel that you have a bit of makeup on. But feels ever so natural.

Appearance: 'Veil Cover Cream' looks flawless on the skin. Even up close this cream in undetectable on the skin. Although it provides very high coverage it just looks so natural and not cakey at all. 

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