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FITLIPS Product Review ♥

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I'm super excited to be doing this post today. Recently I was sent  few of the lip products from FITLIPS and today I will be reviewing five of the truly outstanding lip products. FITLIPS is a Canadian lip therapy brand which sell a range of different therapeutic lip products for both women and men, ranging from lip balms and lip scrubs. I've been on the hunt for a truly amazing lip balm for ages that actually lives up to its description and I think I've found it!

Before I start I'd like to explain to you guys why I am extremely fond of the FITLIPS lip products. Firstly their balms come in a range of different flavours including 'Vanilla', 'Peppermint' and my favourite 'Passion Fruit'. They also sell a 'Natural' lip balm too! 

FITLIPS balms and lip scrub are all 100% natural, which means they do not contain any hidden chemicals. They only contain: beeswax, mango butter, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, organic hempseed oil, cocoa butter, cucuacu butter, Vitamin E, rosemary extract and naturals flavours. All the ingredients listed are superb for the healing of the lips and are key for moisturising, nourishing and hydrating the skin! 

Products shown above are:

- FITLIPS - Lip Scrub
- FITLIPS - Peppermint Lip Balm Tin
- FITLIPS - Passion Fruit Lip Balm Tin
- FITLIPS - Vanilla Lip Balm Tube
- FITLIPS - Natural Lip Balm Tube 

FITLIPS Lip Scrub 

The first product I am going to talk about is the 'FITLIPS Lip Scrub'

Packaging: I absolutely adore the packaging for this lip scrub, its sleek, classy and elegant and most of all its simple which it what I love as its not to overwhelming on the eye. I love the pink, white, black and silver colour scheme too. What I love about the tin is that you have to screw it open and screw it round to close it, unlike other lip balm tins that you just take off, with these you don't have the risk of the product coming open and getting damaged inside your purse. It's secure and keeps the product well intact resulting in a more hygienic way to keep your lip balm.  

Performance: I love this scrub, it actually works! I've tried so many lip scrubs that just don't go deep enough in removing all the dry, dead skin cells on the lips. But this one gently exfoliates the lips to reveal a beautifully soft and smooth canvas for lip balm application afterwards. This will be a life saver during the cold Autumn/ Winter months!

Scent: The scent is very pleasant and subtle it smells like pure sugar which is just wonderful and you just know it has no harsh chemicals in, as the scent is not overpowering at all.

Texture: I just love the texture of this lip scrub, I love how it feels when applied and how you can really feel it working wonders for your lips! 

FITLIPS Peppermint Lip Balm Tin

Next I will be discussing the 'FITLIPS Peppermint Lip Balm Tin'

Packaging: Again the packaging is just wonderful with its simple yet sophisticated and stylish design. 

Performance: I really enjoyed the feel this lip balm has on the lips with its tingly effect this stimulates the blood cells in the lips, increasing blood flow which will help with the pigmentation of your lip colour. 

Scent: The scent is so cooling and refreshing a true mint flavour to open up those senses!

Texture: The texture is brilliant, smooth when applied, this lip balm glides so effortlessly on the lips and is NON STICKY! Which definitely makes me happy! It leaves the lips with a subtle sheen but not overly shiny or greasy looking at all!

FITLIPS Passion Fruit Lip Balm Tin

Next is the 'FITLIPS Passion Fruit Lip Balm Tin'

Packaging: Again the packaging is suitable for anyone with its chic design.

Performance: This would have to be my favourite lip balm of them all like the peppermint lip balm the performance is phenomenal, it really does work to moisturise and hydrate the lips as well as protecting them with SPF!  

Scent: I love the scent of this lip balm, so fresh, fruity and fun! This product is gorgeous not only does it work to the highest possible standard but it smells great too!

Texture: The texture is again smooth when applied, not waxy, not sticky, not greasy just perfect. Everything you could ask for in a lip balm.

FITLIPS Vanilla Lip Balm Tube

Now is the 'FITLIPS Vanilla Lip Balm Tube'

Packaging: I think the packaging is suburb, unique and environmentally friendly as after you have used up the products these can be recycled. I love how they are like little ice pops, how you have to squeeze them from the bottom, such a good idea!

Performance: For days when you don't want to dip your fingers into a tin these are perfect for on the go application, I just love these, really nourishing on the lips and you can almost feel when the product sinks into the lips. 

Scent: Another beautiful scent from FITLIPS subtle but enough to know it has a hint of vanilla. Just lovely. 

Texture: The texture is indulgent, giving the lips a real pamper. I love how these get to work straight away on the lips and don't just sit their leaving a film on the top of the lips, like other lip balms I have tried in the past. These actually hydrate deep into the lips. 

FITLIPS Natural Lip Balm Tube 

Lastly is the 'FITLIPS Natural Lip Balm Tube'

Packaging: Like the 'FITLIPS Vanilla Lip Balm Tube' I think the packaging is super cute and good for the environment too! 

Performance: Brilliant for when you need to give your lips that extra bit of TLC, as soon as applied this lip balm relieves the lips from feeling dry and tight, you can feel how well it moisturises too.

Scent: This scent is perfect for those who just want a more feel good scent. With all its natural aromas this one is suitable for anyone wanting a more subtle smell but intense performance. 

Texture: Wonderful texture, non greasy, non sticky, velvety smooth and luxurious.

All of the FITLIPS lip products contain SPF through the jojoba, grape seed and hemp seed oil.

Not only are all these lip products great for your lips, they are also great for the environment as they can be recycled.

Finally I have found a lip balm and scrub that looks great, smells great and most importantly does great! Thank you FITLIPS for a whole range of spectacular lip therapy products. I just know that these will be a staple piece in my beauty regime from now on!

All FITLIPS products can be purchased at: 

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