Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Autumn Is Awesome Tag ♥

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I'm back with another autumnal post for you today! Yes this will be another TAG post because I absolutely love doing seasonal tags to get me feeling all festive! So today I will be doing the 'Autumn Is Awesome TAG', there are only six questions in this one, so it will be a quick but good one! So lets jump right in. 

Q: Favourite/ least favourite thing about fall?
A: This question was super hard as I love so many different aspects of fall, but I think my absolute favourite thing would have to be that festive feeling, you know the feeling you get when you know that there are many good things to come. Something to look forward to, something to be excited about, whether that's just me or not but the way I see autumn is in a positive light and that good is to come in the last few months of the year. 
My least favourite thing about fall would have to be dry skin! I cannot tell you guys how dry my lips and hands get during these colder months and no matter what I do they are always dry. But I guess that's the price us girls pay for the wonderful months we have in autumn.

Q: Favourite clothing item for fall?
A: I think my favourite clothing item for fall would have to be any type of woolly cardigan. I absolutely love just throwing them on either over leggings, jeans, skater skirts and dresses. They are super versatile and match anything and everything! 

Q: Favourite makeup trend for fall?
A: Without a doubt my favourite makeup trend for autumn is dark lips! I just love it when the cold whether starts the darker lips come out. I've always been a fan of intense vampy lips and what more acceptable season to wear them in than fall?

Q: Favourite fall food/drink?
A: My favourite food to eat during the fall would have to be toffee apple crumble with cream. I absolutely love these as an after dinner dessert, they are truly delicious and perfectly suitable for fall as toffee apples are THE BOMB during autumn!
My favourite drink is hot chocolate with cream and mini marshmallows. I just love drinking hot chocolate in a cute festive mug, I look forward to my evening drink every night now!

Q: Fall TV show premier you're looking forward to most?
A: I don't really have a specific TV show that I look forward to during the fall. I absolutely love watching Keeping Up With The Kardashains which is on once every week, so I'd say that's what I look forward to the most as its still on going throughout the autumn months. 

Q: Favourite fall tradition?
A: As we don't celebrate thanksgiving here in the UK (which I wish we did) I don't really have any type of autumn tradition although I do look forward to celebrating Halloween and Guy Fawkes (firework night) if that counts?!

I hope you all enjoyed another autumnal blog post to get you in the spirit of all things fall!

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