Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Autumn Fashion Must Haves ♥

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So I'm back with the second part of my 'Autumn Must Haves' and this post will be about 'My Autumn Fashion Must Haves'. I just love the fall fashion with the transition between summer clothing and implementing spring/summer pieces into your autumn/ winter wardrobe. I just love the woolly jumpers, combat boots and thick scarf's. So lets get into it!



I love the autumn months as its finally time to get those boots out! Any style of boots are a total must have for the colder months as they just look so chic with any outfit idea for fall! Girls its a complete must have!


This is another reason why I love autumn/ fall so much. Yes its time, it is time to get those thick, woolly, warm scarf's out again. I love how they add a touch of warmth to any outfit and an element of coziness! 


I love it when you can get your big, warm coat out again ready for the cold days ahead. There's nothing quite like a staple coat that can be worn with almost any outfit  There's just something about putting on your coat ready for those fall shopping days leading up to the festive season. 

Oversized Jumpers

The day when we all have to go searching to the backs of our wardrobes for our most loved oversized woolly jumper. My favourite fashion piece for fall would have to be the variety of different jumpers, I love how they look with skirts, leggings and even shorts. They just bring warmth to any outfit. 

Woolly Socks

Woolly socks or knee high socks are an absolute must for autumn and winter too. Not only to they keep your feet warm but they also add more depth to an outfit. I love wearing woolly socks with boots and let the tops of the socks show, this looks great with leggings, skater skirts and denim shorts with tights. Its all about the layering!

Cozy Cardigans 

I absolutely adore thick, woolly cardigans for fall. They just look so cute with any outfit. I love wearing oversized woolly cardigans with woolly knee high socks and boots looks so cute yet nice a cozy for fall. 

Statement Bag

I feel that for Fall a statement bag is a definite must have. I love the darker coloured bags for the Autumn months as I feel they will blend with any outfit choice and look sassy and sophisticated at the same time. 

Statement Rings

I feel that statement rings are appropriate for fall as they bring more depth to an outfit, and pair well with oversized jumpers and cardigans! 

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  1. Love love this post! I love fall especially that my leggings and boots come out and play. Great pictured ;)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Fall is my favourite season, I love the fashion and bringing back my woolly jumpers! xoxo