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Halloween Costume Ideas ♥

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Today's post is going to be a little different. Trying to figure out what to wear on Halloween? Got a Halloween party to go to and nothing to wear? No ideas? No inspiration? Well look no further because in today's post I will be sharing with you a few 'Halloween Costume Ideas' to get you in that spooky spirit! Lets get started!


The first costume I have chosen is the ever so classic 'Devil' costume. This can be interoperated in many different ways. The devil can either be black with red detailing or red with black detailing. Devil costumes can range from dresses, to full body suits to tops and bottoms. The accessories are the devils fork, horns and the devils tail. 


The second costume is the 'Vampire'. The vampire costume can be worn many different ways with a black cape, long dress and fangs. 


The next costume is 'Catwoman'. This costume usually consists of a one piece with black high boots, a face mask and ears. 


The 'Skeleton' can be worn in many different ways. Like this one it can be shown in the form of a dress. It can also be shown through a one piece outfit or even a top and bottoms. A mask can also be used to create the skeleton look even further.


Next is a 'Frankenstein' like costume, the main colours for creating a Frankenstein costume are greens, purples and black. Paint can be used on the body to create the green effect or green tights can be added. 


The 'Pumpkin'costume can come in a variety of different styles, this style is an orange and green dress. Stripy orange tights could also be added to this outfit. 


Angels come in many different varieties on Halloween. This angel costume is a dark/ fallen angel as dark colours have been used. You can go with the classic white angel costume too.

Victorian Doll

Next is a 'Victorian Doll' costume, this can be used to portray a child dolls or even the child itself in the form of a poltergeist. 


This is the classic 'Witch' with the black cape, broom and hat. Greens, purples, pinks and oranges can be added to a witches costume to create more vibrancy and depth. 


Lastly is the take on a 'Mummy' costume. This can be worn in the style shown in the picture or can be worn as a top and bottom set. With the bandages covering the entire body. 

All costumes & more can be purchased here:

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween and happy styling if your dressing up! 

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