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Accessorize Boxed Powder Review ♥

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So it was a while back now when I purchased the Accessorize boxed powders and thought I share then with you as they are beautiful and affordable. 

The shades from left to right are:

- Shimmer Block - Highlighter
- Bronzing Block Shade 1
- Bronzing Block Shade 2
- Bronzing Block Shade 3
- Bronzing Block Shade 4

Shimmer Block - Highlighter: I would describe 'Accessorize Shimmer Block - Highlighter' as a shimmery cream shade. This powder has a brightening effect and works perfectly when applied to the top of the cheek bones. 

Bronzing Block Shade 1: I would describe 'Bronzing Block Shade 1' as a bronzer and blush duo. This duo comes with a bright pink shimmery blush and a shimmery bronzer. These colours can be used singular or swirled together to create a bronzed glow on the cheeks.

Bronzing Block Shade 2: I would describe 'Bronzing Block Shade 2' as a bronzer and highlighter duo. This duo comes with a champagne highlighter and a cooler toned shimmery bronzer. This could be a dupe for Benefit's '10' highlighter and bronzer duo.

Bronzing Block Shade 3: I would describe 'Bronzing Block Shade 3' as a shimmery coral blush. This blush is perfect for any season and reflects the light beautifully. This is similar to Benefits 'Coralista' blush. 

Bronzing Block Shade 4: I would describe 'Bronzing Block Shade 4' as a blush/bronzer quad. This quad comes with a peachy/pink shade, cool toned brown, terracotta and reddish brown shade. These shades can be used individually or swirled together to create a natural flush of colour. 

All of the Accessorize Boxed Powders contain shimmer in them and are perfect shades for all year round. 

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