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Top 5 Stila Cosmetics Products ♥

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Here's another one of my 'Top 5' posts. Today I will be sharing my 'Top 5 Stila Cosmetics Products'. So lets get started 

Stila Cosmetics are brilliant, they have never failed to offer good quality products in a wide range of colours. Always coming out with new products I just love checking them out to get a peek at their new range of cosmetics. A few of my favourite products from Stila are:

1. Stila 'Smudge Pot Kitten'

Stila 'Smudge Pot Kitten' the most hyped up cream eyeshadow base of all time, and rightly so as this creamy eyeshadow offers a shimmering, brightening effect to the eyes and really makes any eye colour pop!

2. Stila 'Eyeshadow Kitten'

Stila 'Eyeshadow Kitten' is the most gorgeous shimmery champagne colour of all times. Looks beautiful when applied on its own or in conjunction in the 'Stila Kitten Smudge Pot'. 

3. Stila 'All Over Shimmer Powder Kitten' 

Stila 'All Over Shimmer Powder Kitten' is a dazzling multi purpose highlighter which can be used to highlight the cheek bones, add colour to the apples of the cheeks or even used as an eyeshadow. Truly amazing, one of my favourite highlighters to wear.

4. Stila 'In The Light Eyeshadow Palette'

Stila 'In The Light Eyeshadow Palette' is just perfection for any look. Whether its day or night this will bring sparkle to any look. With its neutral tones its suitable for all skin tones  These can also be worn wet or dry.

5. Stila 'Custom Colour Blush Self Adjusting' 

Stila 'Custom Colour Blush Self Adjusting' is one of the best products out there. This blush adjusts to the colour of your cheeks giving you the most exact shade ever to suit your skintone.  

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