Saturday, 14 September 2013

NYX Powder Blush Review ♥

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Ok so I've been collecting a few of my favourite NYX blushes for a while and I will be sharing them with you today. 

The shades from left to right are:

- Angel
- Natural
- Peach
- Summer Peach 

Angel: I would describe 'Angel' as a matte subtle pink shade. This colour is perfect for all skin tones and it gives a light hint of colour to the cheeks

Natural: I would describe 'Natural' as a soft pink shade with subtle shimmers. This colour is suburb if you want  a delicate pretty flush on your cheeks.

Peach: I would describe 'Peach' as a matte baby pink shade. This colour is perfect for the summer months as it gives the cheeks a beautiful glow. Looks perfect paired with a peach/pink lip. 

Summer Peach: I would describe 'Summer Peach' as a peachy pink with golden shimmer. This colour again is more suitable for the spring/summer months as is brings a brightening and glowing effect to the cheeks. 

These four colours listed above are more neutral, everyday shades of blush and can be worn day or night for that perfect subtle glow to the cheeks. 

The shades from left to right are:

- Pinched
- Bourgeois Pig 
- Rose Garden
- Pinky 

Pinched: I would describe 'Pinched' as a coral pink with gold glitter. This colour is one of my favourites as it has an iridescent effect when the light hits given the cheeks a highlighting effect.

Bourgeois Pig: I would describe 'Bourgeois Pig' as a matte pink with blue undertones. This colour is a perfect everyday colour for all seasons as its subtle but build-able.

Rose Garden: I would describe 'Rose Garden' as a pink with gold reflects. This colour is extremely rich and flatters all skin tones.     

Pinky: I would describe 'Pinky' as a matte hot pink. This colour is the brightest one I currently own and looks beautiful through the autumn/winter months.

These four colours listed above are more on the brighter side but can be worn daily, in the evenings or for special occasions. 

All of the NYX Powder Blushes complement any skin tone and can range from subtle, build-able  shades too more pigmented shades.  

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