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This or That Tag ♥

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So I thought I'd do the 'This or That' beauty tag as it's been quite a popular tag in the beauty community. Basically this tag is a bunch of beauty and fashion categories that you have to chose between. So lets get started!

Q: Blush or Bronzer?
A: I would choose blush because I feel it gives the cheeks an instant pop of colour. Also blush comes in a range of different shades so you aren't as limited as you would be with bronzer. 

Q: Lip gloss or Lipstick?
A: I would choose lipstick because some lip glosses can be sticky and lack in pigmentation. Although some lipsticks can be drying, I feel that I would rather be bold with my lips.

Q: Eye liner or Mascara?
A: I would choose mascara as I wear this on a daily basis, I can go without eyeliner as I don't feel its  necessity but mascara is a definite must as it can bring volume and length to the lashes opening up the eyes more.

Q: Foundation or Concealer?
A: I would choose foundation as I have never gone a day without it. But I feel concealer if my skin is having a good day I don't feel the need to apply it, but with foundation even if its a light it always offers some form of  coverage. 

Q: Neutral or Coloured eye shadow?
A: I would have to say neutral as I barely wear much eye shadow now on a daily basis. Ages ago I used to wear grey and black smoky eyes every single day but now I've toned it down I can survive with a more natural look.

Q: Pressed or loose eye shadows?
A: Pressed, because they are just quicker to apply, loose is more time consuming (and chaotic) as they can go everywhere when you open them, and you have to clean up more fall out under the eyes. 

Q: Brushes or Sponges?
A: I'd say brushes, although I do use a sponge as well, but I can go without using one sponge over my hundreds of brushes.

Q: OPI or China Glaze?
A: Probably OPI as they come in a wider range of colours and the majority of them are super opaque. 

Q: Long or short?
A: I'd say long, but not super long, just enough so they look white and healthy. 

Q: Acrylic or Natural?
A: Natural, because you can do so much more with your natural nails and you can also make them look like acrylics. I feel like acrylics are restricted as you can't really do much without them breaking or coming off. 

Q: Brights or Darks?
A: I can't decide I love all colours from spring pastels, summer neons and deep autumn and winter shades. 

Q: Flower or No Flower?
A: Erm... no flower. 

Q: Perfume or Body Splash?
A: Perfume as its more potent and longer lasting rather than body splash.

Q: Lotion or Body Butter?
A: Would have to say lotion as it can absorb into the skin quicker.

Q: Body Wash or Soap?
A: Body wash all the way, I just love all the different scents!

Q: Lush or other bath company 
A: Well I do love Lush but I love so many other companies too. So I'd say other.

Q: Jeans or Sweatpants?
A: Sweat to the pant!

Q: Long sleeve or Short?
A: Bit of both really.

Q: Dresses or Skirts?
A: Probably skirts as you can combine them with matching tops to make them look like skirts (sneaky)

Q: Stripes or plaid?
A: Plaid

Q: Flip flops or sandals
A: Sandals! 

Q: Scarves or hats?
A: Scarves

Q: Studs or Dangly Earrings? 
A: Studs

Q: Necklaces or Bracelets
A: It's gotta be bracelets.

Q: Heels or Flats?
A: Heels all the way!

Q: Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots?
A: ''Yeeha!'' Cowboy

Q: Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe?
A: Forever 21!

Q: Abercombie or Hollister?
A: Hollister!!!

Q: Saks 5th or Nordstrom
A: Nordstrom

Q: Curly or Straight?
A: Straight 

Q: Bun or Ponytail
A: Ponytail

Q: Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips?
A: Bobby pins are my life.

Q: Hairspray or Gel?
A: Hairspray

Q: Long or short?
A: Both, all hairstyles look stunning in my opinion!

Q: Light or Dark?
A: Dark!

Q: Side Sweep Bangs or Full Bangs
A: Now I'd say side sweep bangs but I do love both.

Q: Up or down
A: Down

Q: Rain or shine?
A: Rain! I love those cosy days when the rain is coming down and your all snuggled up inside

Q: Summer or winter
A: Winter! Halloween, Christmas, jumpers, snow, burning candles!!!

Q: Fall or spring?
A: Fall, its so beautiful when the leaves fall of the trees!

Q: Chocolate or vanilla?
A: Plain vanilla!

Q: East Coast or West Coast
A: Hmm... ''West Coast represents now put your hands up!''

I hope you enjoyed that tag and hopefully you got to know me a bit better.

Thank you for reading 

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