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Spa Day Essentials Guide ♥

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I'm back with another post, and today I will be sharing with you what I feel to be the essentials you'll need to have your very own spa/pamper day!

Step 1: Make time. First of all you need to clear your whole day, make sure you aren't doing anything for the entire day. This includes all forms of technology! So all you beauty girls out there no blogging or youtube for an entire day! It's about time you relaxed!

Step 2: Plan your day. Piece together a plan of your day. Think about what you want from your pamper day, do you want to get all the 'beauty chores' out of the way in just one day, things such as shaving, manicures, pedicures and plucking your eyebrows? Or do you just want one day where you can relax and renew for the entire day?

Step 3: Get organised. Create a list of all the things you will need for the day. The list below will show the things that I recommend for a spa/ pamper day:

- Make up Removing Wipes (to remove any excess dirt, oil or make up you may have on your face)
- Facial Cleanser (to purify and cleanse the skin)
- Facial Scrub/ Exfoliator (to remove any dirt and dead skin cells)
- Toner (to get rid of any excess make up after make up removal)
- Face Mask (to deep clean the skin and remove any build up of any sort on the face)
- Facial Moisturiser (to moisturise, hydrate and nourish the skin after treatment)
- Lip Balm (to hydrate the lips)

- Body Scrub/ Exfoliator (to remove any build up of oils and dead skin cells from the skin)
- Razor/ Waxing stripes/ Shaving Foam (to remove any unwanted hair from the body)
- Body Wash/ Shower Gel/ Bath Cream (to clean and soften the skin)
- Body Moisturiser (to moisturise the body after treatment)

- Clarifying Shampoo (to purify and cleanse the hair from product build up, I recommend using this once a week)
- Conditioner (to add moisture back into the hair after cleansing)
- Hair Mask (this is optional and can be used as a weekly substitute for conditioner, basically this is a deep conditioning hair treatment) 

- Nail Varnish Remover (to remove any leftover nail varnish from previous application and any excess oils from the nails to make reapplication smoother)
- Favourite coloured Nail Varnish (to glam up those nails of course!)
- Nail File (to file down those nails and keep them smooth)
- Nail Clippers (to tidy up those catchy nails)

- Candles (to help you relax and create the mood)
- Music (like candles a bit of backing music will help you to unwind)
- Loose fitting clothing (so you feel comfortable all day)
- Movies (to watch after you've pampered yourself)
- Slippers (so you and your feet can relax)
- A bath robe (so you can slip it on and off in between treatments)
- A book (to read whilst you soak in the bath)

I hope you have a calming and peaceful spa day if you choose to follow my 'Spa Day Essentials Guide'. Happy pampering!

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